Organized by Sharon Butler and Timothy Nolan

CAA’s Services to Artists Committee presents ARTexchange, an open forum for artists to share their work at the 2013 Annual Conference. Free and open to the public, ARTexchange will be held on Friday, February 15, 5:30–7:30 PM, in the East Ballroom Foyer, 3rd Floor. A cash bar will be available.

ARTexchange is an annual event showcasing the art of CAA members, who can exhibit their paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and digital works using the space on, above, and beneath a six-foot folding table. Artists may also construct temporary mini-installations and conduct performance, sound, and spoken-word pieces in their space. In the past, many ARTexchange participants found the event to be their favorite part of the conference, with the table parameter sparking innovative ideas and creative displays.


Charmaine Banach
Monica Bauer
Monique Belitz
Linda Bigness-Lanigan
Betsy Byers
Sandra Cordero
Billy X. Curmano
Leila Daw
Emily Denlinger
Ruth Dusseault
Steve Elliott
Jacqueline Gelfuso
Amy Greenan
Erin Hall
Melanie Kehoss
Sharon Lacey
Jessica Libor
Sharon Linnehan    
Tim McDonald
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Teresa Miró
Sabrina Milo  
Heather Dew Oaksen
Mitch Patrick
Brent Ridge
Kayla Romberger
Karen Sarrow
Heather Saunders
Ricky Sears
Fay Stanford
Keri Straka
Tanya Ury
Valentina Vella
Amy Vena
Cara Vickers-Lane
Anne Vieux
Alisha Wessler
Bernadette Witzack
Gesche Würfel
Jan Wurm
Betsy Yaros